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Lesson plan describes and other high school. Assessment Use the student responses on the student page to assess their understanding and learning. What are exposed soil or school water than evidence from across greatedistances, rocks placed in. Others focus on wildlife habitat.

Page Acknowledgments This high school course curriculum guide is the result of the vision and support of many different educators and resource specialists, whose commitment to education about Oregon forests profoundly impacts students and communities throughout Oregon.

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Have groups share some of their findings. If you do not have suitable trees to measure, students may practice with utility poles or field lights. Take out the objects one at a time, and invite the owner to tell everybody about their precious thing.

Draw at least six rivers onto your map. Here is an opportunity for you to consider what your impact is to both the problem and the solution. Traveling programs use interactive activities to explore forest ecology topics in the classroom. Find the Resources You Need!

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Solar energy is radiant energy from the sun. First, a few attacking insects enter a tree. Instruct students to use the provided energy timeline and provided charts to complete the worksheet. If they are unable to guess, other teams can steal the point if they can guess the correct answer. Which countries have the least available freshwater?

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The study includesone group and is a quasiexperimental design which uses a baselineor preobservation, a treatment, and an observation during the period over which the educational treatmentoccurred.

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Educator Resources Georgia Project WET. In this lesson students follow the journey of water from an area of rural Colombia to its capital city. Were there areas that were particularly threatened?

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Good array of basic information on water quality, conservation, stormwater, and other water issues with many activities at all grade levels primary through high school.

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Direct students to choose a number of the wood products to research, or you may assign students particular products to explore.

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Where the high water conservation worksheet. The amount of timber coming from family forestlands varies greatly depending on demand in the market. PLTCarbon cycle the circulation of carbon in nature.

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Explain why or why not. Fine roots take up water and nutrients.

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How about getting water in the first place? EEI team grew once again, adding undergraduates, more graduate students, and more certified teachers. The diversity of animal species in an area depends on the existence of different habitats in the system. The main uses include drinking, washing, and cooking.

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Key Vocabulary disturbed effluent industrial effluent sediment solid waste dumping stream channelization volume extraction watershedncluded in Glossary Preparation Choose a river for students to study and identify coordinates of several specific locations along it.

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Does the redemption of vouchers for highefficiency toilets influence the water use in singlefamily homes located within three school zones that have received a handson and inquirybased water conservation education program?

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By completing the activity, students and school staff will learn about the amount of water that is consumed throughout the school for activities including washing hands, drinking, watering landscaped areas and flushing toilets and urinals.

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Having taken all factors into account, theresearcherwas left with the independent variable of the water conservation education lessons to contrast with the dependent variable of water usage in singlefamily homes.

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Stand a community of trees sufficiently uniform in species age, arrangement, composition and condition to be distinguishable as a group from the forest or other growth on the adjoining area.

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