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Answerthe main motive of the play is to realize the importance of household lady of her own house the idea was to get her respect and honor that she deserves and that her work should be recognized by her family as she has an important status in the family.


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Some importance to them or others that I am obliged frequently to renounce pleasure for duty. Be specific: about the problem, about the steps you are taking, about what the customer can expect in the future. Now answer Mrs Fitzgerald properly, Doris or go upstairs again. He continues more seriously.

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My friend, John Addison, who will present this, desires a clerkship; and, for a reason which I do not wish to commit to paper, or even to speak of particularly, I very much wish he could be gratified.

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Persian Government agreed to pay in cash and had set apart at the time for the purpose. Louis was pining to be able to marry, and was losing heart, hope, and health for want of some fixed employment. Mr Pearson informed Mrs Pearson that he did not want tea but grew angry at being told that tea was not ready. Sunday in mrs pearson.

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Nothing is too absurd for the malice of his fault finding enemies; but where among his millions of friends can a single one be found who is supporting him because he understands him to defy, and spit upon the Whig platform?

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